Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Snippets...

I removed the cement edging from a garden and stacked it up against the side of the house until I can figure out if I'm going to reuse it or not. What a fun surprise to see an iris that grew up between two piles of the edging!

My string beans are up-Woo Hoo! I decided to move the cilantro out of this pot and into it's own pot. 
Everything looks happy and healthy after a couple days of substantial rain. 

We're expecting a gorgeous day with temps in the low 70's and a slight breeze...
My grill will be fired up!
 Hope it's beautiful where you are too:@)


  1. that iris is beautiful - and tough! :) happy, happy day to you!

  2. Our days here a filled with bad weather currently, but I'm glad yours is going better.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Oh my goodness, what an awesome iris! Bold and strong to have made it through the cement! Sure love your flag flying high, such a beautiful thing to see! Okay, to have some fresh green beans, sliced tomatoes and maybe some cornbread, would make me so happy! See what just looking a green bean plant does to me! I'm crazy about fresh vegetables and home grown ones, ahh, the best!
    Have a great weekend, Lynn~

  4. Off to a great start. The payoff will be wonderful.
    The iris is so pretty. I have some really pretty ones and they are tough as can be, multiplying year after year.

  5. Your iris is so pretty - love the color. I love green beans and especially fresh ones from the garden.
    In fact I have a big bag full of them and I am going to fix them tomorrow for supper.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Beautiful day! Your temps are warmer than ours and you've made me hungry once again!

  7. Sounds like you are having a great weekend. We are having a Blackberry Winter here in the mountains and it dipped down into the thirties last night. Burr....

  8. It is, Lynn. That iris is amazing. xo

  9. Its amazing what natural rain will do for tress, bushes, and yes, especially our plants, fruits, and veggies. Beautiful Iris too! And, of course, the most beautiful sight of all, the USA Flag… God Bless the USA! Thank you so much for sharing - I hope you have a very Blessed rest of the weekend.

  10. Lynn, I'm sure whatever you cooked on the grill was wonderful! Gorgeous weather here too.

  11. What a happy surprise to see the iris growing in an unexpected spot, Lynn. What did you fix on the grill? I loved the last photos with the flag blowing softly in the breeze. Happy weekend to you!

  12. A cool and wonderful morning here in VA. I friend gifted me with flowers from her garden yesterday and included a couple of iris in the bouquet. It's definitely grilling season. Love that!

  13. I have one ripe strawberry ready for Tiger to pick when he comes over today! Your Iris is pretty and I love that it just grew there!

  14. Love your photos! The flower is so lovely!
    Have a great weekend! =)

  15. Looking good, Lynn! Enjoy!

  16. Perfect weather for grilling or gardening Lynn, your iris is such a fun surprise! It's heating up here this week but boy do I love temps in the 70s :)

  17. What pretty photos. I'll gladly take those 70s degrees. Yippee for grilling weather and grilling recipes!


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