Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pig Alert! Knitting Ideas

My round-up of Piggy Crocheting Ideas from Pinterest is still a pretty popular post, so I thought I'd see what was out there for Pig Knitting Ideas! Turns out there's some fun stuff:@)

Flying Pigs Mittens-just gorgeous!

I thought this toy had great character and expression, he makes me smile:@)

These cocoons are so cute!
Kinda looks like crochet to me, but they say it's knitting.

Beyond my patience level but maybe one day...

Once an ornament addict... always an ornament addict... Love it!

And um, I'm really not sure what to say... other than a lot of work went into this!

These last two items aren't a knit pattern but really caught my eye:

Love these piggy knitting needles!

 And if I ever get disciplined enough to roll my yarn into balls, this pig yarn bowl is adorable!

Links have been provided when I could find them... 
Some things went to Etsy shops and were sold out.
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Those piggy mittens are 'to die for' cute!

  2. I'll take photo no. 2! I don't know about that "roasted" pig though. What does Earl have to say?


  3. These are just fabulous, Lynn!! The first three (and the flying pig ornament) are my very favorites. That baby looks adorable in the little cocoon -- so sweet. :) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. oh, that is a cute collection. :)

  5. Still learning this iPhone. I also love the yarn bowl!

  6. Well, I was just sure the piggy toy was going to be my favorite until I saw the baby! How sweet is that? Love.

  7. There all very cute! I have to say my favorite is the pigs head with the veggies.

  8. I want a pair of those mittens! I'll put my order in now so when you get really good and can whip up a couple pair a day perhaps you'll remember me and my poor cold hands :)

  9. I love the pig and knitted vegs

  10. A very cute collection! Sweet newborn piggy!

  11. So many fun ideas! I love the mittens and the cocoon the most :)

  12. Cute!! That cocoon is my very favorite.

  13. I smile also the poto from the piggy!
    Greetings from RW & SK

  14. So darn cute. It makes me wish I knew how to knit.

  15. These are soooo cute...that cocoon is so adorable, I can't stand it.
    You do come up with some cute things....

  16. How cute, I wish I knew a little piglet to wrap in a cocoon! Hope Santa brings you some knitting needles :)

  17. What cute ideas, Lynn! I wish I knew how to knit!


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