Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great Grilling Accessories-Pig Alert!

Memorial Day is less than two weeks away so I thought I'd nose around the net looking for fun grill accessories... They had some beauties!

Now, I'm not saying you have to have one of these Piggy Bottles for your BBQ Sauce... 
but all the cool kids do:@)

I love this BBQ Accessory Organizer! It can be attached to the grill or a picnic table.

How many times have we tried to turn shish-ka-bobs over only to have the food spin on the skewer and the already cooked part stays "down" on the grill? These Grill Comb Skewers sound like a great solution!

My son gave me this fun Jalapeno Rack and Knife for Mother's Day, I look forward to using it!

And for the guy that has everything there's...
The Grill Master Grill Apron, he'll be the envy of the neighborhood:@)

Just for giggles:
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Oh great, now I'll be singing Pig Butts all day! :) Love those bbq bottles.

  2. Oh, these are great! I am going to tell Cece about those squeeze bottles because she works with a BBQ contest. Thanks, Lynn!



  3. All great ideas, but I have three favorites. The pig squeeze bottles, the grilling station that hooks to the grill and the jalapeno stand.

  4. Your finds are really great. I love those little pig squeeze bottles. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Not so certain I would like my paper towels hanging right over the grill like that, unless of course the water spigot and hose are nearby. LOL Cute item though... yep, it looks cute. xox

  6. laughing at the last one! i like that barbecue 'comb'. :)

  7. The last part cracks me up. Grrrrreat. Now I have that song, with those lyrics, stuck in my head.

    The one for the skewers looks really cool to me. Actually, I like it all.
    And I could swear that the guy with the apron is a guy I know. Looks just like him.

  8. I love some grillin and always get my Son In Law something for Father's Day. Maybe one of those Pig bottles for bbq sauce! Cute!


  9. Good Morning Lynn,
    Well I was just walking along the blog trail this morning and all of a sudden I saw PIG ALERT, so I knew I had to come over and see what Earl was up to. My goodness these are sure good looking Pink Pigs! Hope you are having a great day and thanks for sharing.
    Miz Helen

  10. I am stealing a couple of these - this was great - I am so laughing! Sandie

  11. Great grilling gadgets! Perfect for Bill on Father's Day :)

  12. I love it all! I have a jalapeño grill rack, too, but haven't used it yet. I need to get busy!! Thanks for all the fun BBQ inspiration, especially the last little saying!

  13. We have a jalapeno rack, too...used a lot.
    Thanks for all the cuteness...:))
    xo bj

  14. We love to grill...we grilled chicken tonight! Sweet hugs my friend! Happy eating!

  15. The pepper rack & corer is the perfect Mother's Day gift for you Lynn! The comb skewers are genius!

  16. How fun...only YOU, Lynn, could find the most obscure & unique ideas! The pink piggies would be so cute for lots of condiments. Wouldn't they make cute favors for a BBQ type party?

    I think your son picked the perfect gift for you...that Jalapeno Rack and Knife are SOOOOO you, you spicy/hot loving cook!!

  17. Love those squeeze bottles, but does poor Earl feel like he's being mocked?..Ha! xo


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