Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday-Mason Jars

Hey everyone! How many ideas can we come up with for Mason Jars! While I do use mine for canning, they can be used for sooooo much more...
  • Love this cute Mason Jar sewing kit from Anthropologie. Easy enough to make ourselves (there are also tons on Etsy) and I think every dorm room or first apartment should have one!
  • Instant shaker bottles, re-use plastic grated cheese lids, they fit on mason jars. Here's a fun post about it on Rita's Recipes (and a great looking Spinach Ball Appetizer!).
  • Freeze chicken stock, just pour it into the jar, no wrestling with plastic bags.
  • Need a container for storing bacon grease? The jars are strong enough that you can even pour it in hot.
  • Saw this cute idea for re-growing green onions here.
  • Mixing salad dressing, just add ingredients, twist on lid and give it a good shake.
  • Good Storage containers for all kinds of dried beans, rice etc. 
  • Transport foods to a picnic.
  • Perfect storage containers for the fridge, especially using Ball Plastic Lids you can buy at Walmart. I can't recommend the plastic lids enough, I have regular and wide mouth sizes.
  • Great for keeping cupcake liners neat, organized and clean.
  • Pretty for button storage.
  • And of course... they're a great drinking glass!
Can we add to the list?
Have a happy day:@)


  1. I have seen those red neck wine glasses before. Funny! Mason jars are great!!

  2. We still use them for drinking glasses...wide mouth quarts are my hubby's fave. Great post, thanks! xo

  3. I like them as a flower vase. Especially the blue ones!

  4. Good morning Lynn, We have been in Fl and it is good to be home again. I hope you had a lovely Easter. We sure did.

    I love the uses that canning jars afford. We use them for canning too. We can dozens of tomatoes. Mmmmmm so good.

    Happy days to you.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Hi Lynnie Pooh! Oh, love these ideas for the Mason jars. I have 12 sitting in a box that I've used one time as glasses. I need to get them out and spiff em up! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelai ;)

  6. I took the sewing kit idea and used small jelly jars and made a pin cushion out of the top and put straight pins in the jar then screwed the top back on.

  7. I love them for iced tea! Great list.

  8. I love the light fixtures people having been pinning lately. Too, I love to store seashells in them.

  9. I love these jars! Great ideas and I have one of those sewing kits in a jar my Mom gave it!! You always have the best ideas to share. Hugs, Linda

  10. Did you post this for me, Lynn? I just love mason/ball jars! I use them daily. There is something about these wonderful versatile jars that makes me feel all is right with the world. Soothing... and sorta a link to our pasts.
    Thanks for the great ideas for using these jars...what fun... Red "Nek" wine glass!

  11. I love these jars and I have a small collection of the blue ones that I use for vases. These are some great ideas, Lynn!


  12. I used a Mayo jar for the parfait in today's post does that count? Great ideas!

  13. This is a great post Lynn! I love mason jars and use them for everything! I love them for taking in my lunch to work. I use them for soups, yogurt and fresh fruit, salad dressing etc. - the wonderful thing is that they don't leak!
    I've also made cakes;

    and quiche:

    even for salads for individual servings for a picnic but now you've given me all sorts of new ideas - thanks!

  14. I use mine for buttons and ribbons. Love your blog!
    New Follower.


  15. I love the idea for bacon fat. I'm constantly pouring bacon fat into old mugs - this is so much better! I store my spices and herbs in mason jars. I buy them in bulk and store them that way - it's very attractive and keeps them fresh.

  16. I love those jars! Put a votive candle in it and light with a long match; great on the deck in the summer, on the mantle or bathroom, etc.!

  17. Hi Lynn,
    we have similar glasses here. Why didn't I got this idea with the sewing kit? Thank you for giving me a helpful hand.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Hi Lynn~ I love mason jars~ so many great things you can use them for! A friend made me a Redneck Wine glass last year for my birthday with a candlestick from Dollar Tree as the stem :)

  19. I vote for button storage or used as flower vases with pretty ribbon tied at the top.
    Give me a visit some time at

  20. So true!!! love mason jars. I use them every day. I need to make some cute fabric tops for them.

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my Carrot Cake.. I really appreciate it.


  21. Hi Lynn,
    I love using the mason jars for so many things. I am in love with the frog lids and just can't seem to get enough of them.

    Great ideas.


  22. Great post... I use my mason jars for everything :)

    Fill a jar in the mornings with sunflower seeds to put in the feeders, milk my goats right into a jar, then strain the milk into another jar, make yogurt in them, store leftover soups in them in the fridge, store dry ingredients in them in the pantry, use one as my candy dish, sometimes 1 will hold hm dry laundry soap and so much more. Ooo & I can in them ;)

  23. All nice ideas! I found a few really vintage ones when I was clearing out my Mom's house Lynn. I was as excited as if I found gold!

  24. I will look for the plastic lids, I have never seen them. I always save the jars when people give me jelly in them!
    You should do a party about mason jars!


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