Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! I hope your Christmas was great! How about a little A-Z post for New Year's...
Individual salt and pepper shakers found at different flea markets for $1 each.
Is Santa blushing???

A-Absolutely love the fresh, clean start to a new year!
B-Bloated? Yea, but I'll still have that last egg nog...
C-Could you hand me the appy tray too... it's New Year's Eve, the diet starts tomorrow:@)
D-Do you bring out your snowmen after you take down the Christmas decorations? I do.
E-Every day it stays a little lighter longer, did you notice?
F-Frosted window panes are always prettier from the inside.
G-Gotta get moving, need a little exercise, start walking again. I just have to do it!
H-Holiday returns-have you made them? Did you find something you really love?
I-Icicles are beautiful! From the side view, not a good idea to stand under them:@)
J-Just take each day as it comes and if you bring a smile to someone's face-well, that's a good day!
K-Kindness, Compassion and Empathy... good buzz words for the start of a new year.
L-List 5 things you'd like to see happen in 2012.
M-May your cup runeth over with the things that do truly matter the most.
N-Never underestimate the power of a positive thought.
O-On New Year's Day this German enjoys pork and sauerkraut-with mashed potatoes of course.
P-Playoffs??? Playoffs??? Is your team still in the playoffs? *cough* Congrats if yes.
Q-Quick, list 5 things you were grateful for in 2011.
R-Resolutions, do you make them? I make "plans", plans can change, resolutions just... well... um... 
S-So what are my "plans"? To use my kitchen toys more and prepare healthier lunches for work.
T-Today is truly the first day of the rest of your life-embrace it.
U-Unfortunately extra Christmas pounds require work, not wishing.
V-Valrhona chocolate is amazing! Thanks to my son for reading my blog and treating me on Christmas!
W-Will the neighbor's Christmas lights be taken down before March?
X-Xtreme winter weather... we've been lucky so far, it's been pretty mild in Philly.
Y-You ready to embrace the opportunity a new year brings?
Z-Zuppa-A nice hearty bowl will warm the body and soul!

Wishing everyone a very Healthy and Happy New Year-enjoy:@)


  1. Never underestimate the power of a positive thought! sandie

  2. Great list! We have to have black eyed peas on New Years for my Southern hubby. - Happy New Year, friend! xo

  3. I like your A-Z of New Year thoughts! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous New Year! hugs, Linda

  4. K is my favorite. We need so much more kindness. Thanks for another wonderful A-Z.

  5. Love those salt and pepper shakers, I think they're both blushing! Must have been a fun time between present deliveries :)

    I love W...that was so our neighbor in the last house, the lights were up till March


  6. Ham bone, ham bone, have you heard? Earl's gonna make somethin darn good!

  7. Hi Lynn, I like your A-Z list, it is really cold here today so the "zuppa" sounds good! Happy New Year to you! xo

  8. O made me homesick! the only thing my family would do differently is instead of mashed potatoes, there'd be german red-headed dumplings!!!

  9. Those salt and peppers remind me of a Santa and Mrs. Claus we had when I was little!

  10. Oh so many truths in this, probably more that I would admit... walking... diet... lol. Love your fun a-z's. Shared this.

  11. Clever A to Z. Y--is for me I have a new job as of Jan. 3 and it is a great opportuniy. Oh, "D" fits me too the snowmen will appear.

    Happy New year!

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  12. I adore that Mrs. Santa! Your ABCs are always so cheerful. Am with ya on the U - have tried wishing the pounds away but looks like I Have to do something.

  13. Jeg kom tilfældig forbi din blog.
    Smukt billede.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ønsker dig og dine et godt nytår.

  14. These are great!
    I love M!

    M-May your cup runeth over with the things that do truly matter the most.

  15. What a great and very real list!!!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  16. Love this list - very encouraging - except the U - about the pounds! :)
    Love your New Years meal - wish I could be at your house as no one here can stand sauerkraut except me, so sad!

  17. LOVE LOVE those salt and pepper shakers. I guess it doesn't hurt that I already have quite the santa & Mrs Claus s&p shakers already. my grandma got me started. So those are AWESOME!

  18. Love your A-Z's! Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year!

  19. Happy New Year, Lynn! I love your little S&P set! Santa must be courting his lady, hence his red cheeks!

  20. Great A-Z list. As for D - I want to bring my snowmen out, but I don't have a lot that aren't Christmasy (you know, holding a tree or decked out in red and green). I'm always on the lookout for some un-Christmasy ones though.

  21. Hi Lynn, You are so good at these! What a creative person you are. Have a wonderful 2012! A new year, filled with promise!
    Hugs, Beth

  22. Great are so creative. Have a great New Year!

  23. Oh I'm loving your list! I'm going to copy it, so imaginative and talented you are. Thank you so much for a year of recipe sharing, I got a few terrific ones. Wishing you sweet piggy a very happy New Year.

  24. Love the list and certainly love the pork and sauerkraut....sorry pigs.....oops.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Char

  25. Happy New Year my friend! I'm right with you on the healthy lunches for work plan. :)

  26. Hi Lynn,
    I just love your list!
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year and Abundant Blessings in 2012!
    Miz Helen

  27. Lynn,
    Yay! The days are getting longer! Great A-Z and Happy New Year!

  28. Oh Lynn, you are too funny. You hit me on the head on several - yes, definitely bloated and miserable, yet keep shoving in more holiday foods! I always gain after Christmas, before I am too busy. Nope, the Christmas lights NEVER got taken down last year (shame)! Yes, Valrhona is wonderful. So glad to have been your friend for another year! Have a great New Year.


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