Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plan "B" - Unstuffed Peppers

Hi everyone-Happy Foodie Friday! I took today off (Woo Hoo!) and planned on making stuffed peppers. But, upon further review, the peppers were a little past their prime so I decided to use what I could and made a one pot meal instead.
I was pleased with the results, but it's not very photogenic! It would probably be prettier if I poured it all into a casserole dish and baked it, but I was aiming for "one pot clean-up":@)
I'll call it Unstuffed Peppers!
Hope you love it if you try it!
Unstuffed Peppers
1 lb Hamburger, browned
1 C rice, long grain, uncooked
1 tsp seasoned salt (or to taste)
a couple shakes of celery seed
1 1/4 C water
1 can Rotel, undrained (or a can of tomatoes)
Green peppers, the approx equivalent of 4 big peppers, cut into 1" pieces
Onion, 1 medium diced
Celery, 1 stalk sliced
26 oz can of spaghetti sauce

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. I used my 5.5 qt dutch oven.
Brown hamburger in dutch oven and drain fat if needed.
Sprinkle rice over hamburger, add seasoned salt and celery seed, pour in water and can of Rotel. Stir.
Mix the rest of the veggies up and add to pot. I suggest not stirring this, that way the rice stays low and will cook nicely.
Top it all with the spaghetti sauce.
Add lid, and bake for about 35 minutes. Take lid off and bake for another 15 minutes or until veggies are tender and rice is done.


  1. Not all food has to be pretty! As long as it has all the yummy ingredients, one pot sounds good to me! I love stuffed this works for me:)

  2. It sounds yummy. Guacamole isn't the prettiest food on earth, but it sure is one of my favorites! LA

  3. Bell pepper does not set well with me. I am sure I would have no trouble enjoying a bowl of your wonderful looking stew.

  4. Oh it sounds yummy. I love one pot meals. They are the very best. I really like stuffed peppers too. I may have to try this. Hugs, Marty

  5. This for me would be easier and I like easy. I did a food photo challenge and it it awfully hard to take photos of food. Have a lovely weekend. hugs♥olive

  6. Oh, how I love stuffed (or un-stuffed) peppers. Your recipe looks great!

  7. I know Mister would love this one!
    Why can't food be more photogenic? I find the same thing to be true...

  8. I have kind of forgotten about stuffed peppers and you have brought them to my memory! Great job! Sounds really enticing on a cold evening. Joni

  9. Delicious idea, love it, unstuffed peppers! Looks great!

  10. As long as it tastes good, that's all that counts! Stuffed peppers were one of my parents' favorites, and I can't eat them (or the stuffing) without thinking of happy childhood memories. Thanks for your recipe. Sounds delish to me!

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  11. My mom made stuffed peppers a lot. I miss them, and this is a great time to make them. Thanks for posting!

  12. What a great idea. My favourite part of stuffed peppers is the "stuffing" anyway, lol! Looks delicious!

  13. Betcha it tastes just as good IF NOT BETTER than stuffed peppers! Most of my food looks like that. Heck... my stuffed peppers even look a little bit like that. LOL

  14. One of my husband's favorite meals is stuffed peppers. I will have to try the unstuffed!

  15. I love the look of casserole food, very comforting to me! This is one I'll certainly try!
    I think it look marvelous!!!!

  16. this sounds like a wonderful cold weather dish. I LOVE one pot foods. Thank you for sharing this recipe. laurie

  17. I know it was good because we LOVE stuffed peppers. Never have eaten an UNSTUFFED one but, hey, it's all got the same taste..:))

    Days off are good for the soul..!!

  18. Hello Lynn,

    This dish contains all of my favorite things and looks mighty yummy to me. Hope you had a great day off and a delish dinner too!

  19. girlfriend, you made me laugh because I HATE to be wasteful and I love your resourcefulness. Yes, unstuffed pepper - great name, lol :)

  20. I think my husband would actually eat this - he hates peppers!

  21. I love the idea of unstuffed peppers! I've made stuffed peppers and enjoyed them, but my husband didn't like the texture. I imagine he would be more into something like this. -

  22. Oh my goodness, this sounds so good and not difficult. I LOVE the idea of one pot clean-up! It feels a little like fall here in Southern California this weekend so maybe I'll give it a try. I also copied and loved your sundried tomato dip. Have a great weekend!

  23. Love that you call them unstuffed peppers, truly makes me smile. Sounds wonderful, will have to give it a go!!!

  24. What a great idea and they look delicious!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


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