Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Table for One-Reflection

Hi everyone! Once again "thanks" to Susan for hosting this great tablescape event every Thursday! I'm going to try to link it to Pink Saturday too.

Today I'm keeping it even simpler than I usually do. In honor of Easter I'm posting only one picture, and spending a little time thinking about Easters past. I was fortunate to have grown up with both of my Grandmom's, each very different, but special in her own way. They are here in memory now and this Easter I am happy to be using a table covering from each of them.

My G-Mom-D made a small hand crocheted Granny Square doily and it's the perfect size for a placemat. I'll have my morning coffee and breakfast on it. This small cross is from her too, if you hold it to the light and look into the "bubble" in the middle, you can read the whole Lord's Prayer.

My G-Mom-B handed down the pansy table cloth I'll use for dinner well over 20 years ago. She had many linens, and unfortunately this is the only one I have of hers. It has been "well used" and shows it, so I'm trying a tea stain to spruce it up a bit. The design colors are beautiful and it's very spring like, I'm hoping the stain helps.

Easter is the perfect time for family and religious reflection and remembrance, so this year before the egg hunt, ham dinner and sugar high... I'm going to sit down with a cup a coffee and spend a little quiet time, I invite you to do the same.

Happy Easter!


  1. Easter is the perfect time for remembrance. A perfect picture!

  2. Beautiful cross -- have a lovely Easter.

  3. Beautiful

    Happy Easter to you and yours

  4. You have got nice heritages, not only the tablecloth and the cross but also the loving thoughts to your grandmothers.

    Have a blessed Eastertime.

  5. I love the things I have that used to belong to my grandmothers. Every time I use them, I am reminded of them and all the love they gave me. And now that I am a grandmother, I understand how delightful grandchildren are! I hope mine will enjoy some of my special things in the years to come.

  6. What a beautiful Easter sentiment to go along with precious heirlooms. How nice to know that someone enjoys her table every day. Happy Easter. -- Jane F.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    I'm visiting from Pink Saturday and wanted to welcome you to the group. I think you will really love all the "pinkies". I loved your post..and I also love the sweet memories. I can't wait to come back and see more of your site..and have become a follower. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and lovely Easter..come visit.

  8. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Lynn. I am glad you decided to join us.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures with us. It is such a blessing to have things that hold sweet memories.

    Beverly@How Sweet The Sound

  9. What a beautiful memory. I love grandma and mom memories and I have some of my own.
    Beautiful cross. I had one as a kid exactly like that with the Lord's prayer. I got it in Washington DC when the class went there as a sourvenir.
    I gave it to my grandma and then she returned it for me to give to a friend on her bd - we didn't know about regifting then. Wish I'd kept it.
    Thanks for this post. It touched my heart.


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