Monday, November 8, 2021

Grab and Go Charcuterie Skewers Appetizer -Thanksgiving Turkey or Pumpkin Centerpiece

I thought I'd create a more mobile party snack for Thanksgiving... We have two options for presentation folks, this silly turkey for the kiddie table, or you could simply fill the pumpkin with skewers for a more adult looking centerpiece (mulled wine tasting party anyone?). This Turkey or Pumpkin Charcuterie Skewers Appetizer is a fun seasonal way to serve party nibbles. It's very impressive and honestly, not difficult at all, it only takes a little time to assemble. 
  1. The best tool for poking holes into the pumpkin is the pointy thing that comes with the pumpkin carving kits.
  2. It's best to have cheese as the last item added to the skewer. That way the food doesn't fall off when pulled out of the pumpkin.
  3. Add anything that sounds good, black olives, vegetables, different lunchmeats, make some skewers all fruit, some all cheese, etc. 
  4. I used three cheeses, sharp cheddar, pepper jack has great green and red flecks, and I love the marbled colors from colby jack for this fall appy.
  5. Try to get a squatty pumpkin for best stability. After the gathering you can make some roasted pumpkin seeds too.
  6. Long stems are great for the turkey neck, short would be best for the loaded skewer theme.
  7. My turkey's hat is a k-cup. A black felt brim would be a cute addition too.
  8. Eyes were hot glued to underside of k-cup. Same with felt beak and goggle thingy.
  9. Last tip, be sure to place pumpkin on a plate to protect table and/or tablecloth.
Inquiring Tom asks...
Are your Thanksgiving plans falling into place?

Make something just for fun and have a happy day:@)

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  1. This is such a cute idea that I think would be great even at the adult table!

  2. How cute is that, Lynn??!! I love your pumpkin Turkey!

  3. Very cute, I can hear him gobbling---"Eat these and not me!" Fun idea, I hope my little pumpkin holds for Thanksgiving and I will do this! Hugs, Sandi

  4. So clever! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's - you are being featured on my blog Tuesday evening.

  5. This is just too cute Lynn! Love the K-Cup hat!! ♥


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