Saturday, September 11, 2021

Saturday Thoughts: On Blogging & A New Season!

Sometimes I see on blogs, "I've been doing this for a long time" or "after so many years...". It's true folks, I've been at this for a while. 11 1/2 years, two broken point and shoot cameras, thousands of posts, tons of kitchen toys, some great food, some really bad bloggy bloopers, enough Jello to fill a bathtub, and a partridge in a pear tree, or two... I keep posting because this has proven to be the one hobby that still holds my interest. And I hope, your interest too:@)

I've tried lots of new things, and new blogs, picked a schedule, and attempted themes... And I'll continue to reevaluate and try to create an inspirational spot for you to stop by for a brief visit. One of my favorite reader comments came way back in the early years, she said "you've created a safe space here"... That meant a lot to me, and I took it to heart. I want PIM to be a place you can come to and not have to worry about real life for a couple minutes. And if the kids happen to peek over your shoulder, well, the worst that should happen is they want a cookie:@)

I'm sure you've noticed full Barbie posts are back. Honestly, it was just too much for me to maintain two blogs while working full time. And I do truly enjoy creating things for my little Barbie world. So Pig In Mud's content will go back to being more eclectic, kinda anything goes. Life's too short to not do things that make you happy!

🍁I look forward to the warm flavors and crafts of fall and the holiday season...
And I hope you'll join me!☕

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Thank you for taking the time to stop by, 
it truly makes me smile:@)


  1. Hi Lynn. I've been blogging for around 8 years, but it wasn't until very recently that I managed to bring the content that I wanted to and be quite constant. It is also for me the hobby that has hold the longest over time, but also because it's a tool to bring some of my hobbies together. I've noticed that the times I've felt like quitting or unninspired, had little to do with blogging itself, but rather complications happening in real life.

    Those cookies look delicious. I'm not really into baking myself, but I definitely could give it a try.

    Wish you a lovely weekend ahead.

  2. I always enjoy my visits here Lynn, and I like that you post useful and tasty content and tips! I can't imagine keeping up with 2 blogs, and I'm happy to see Barbie back! Your pumpkins are adorable, I am definitely going to look through my fabric stash and see what I can find!

  3. Glad you are keeping on keeping on! I enjoy your recipes and everything else. You are a bright spot in the day.

  4. I was so afraid that you were going to say that you’d had enough of blogging! Whew, I was relieved to keep reading on and know that you’re keeping on. You’re my constant source of friendship and fun over the years and I always enjoy your posts of recipes, tips, crafts and Barbie inspiration.

  5. I'm so sorry I gave anyone that impression, it wasn't my intent... Just trying to explain why I'm changing things up a bit here at Pig In Mud:@)

  6. I love those pretty pumpkins you made and they are perfect for fall decorating. Thanks for sharing the tutorial to make them Lynn. I hope you have a nice week.

  7. I didn't realize we started our blogs within months of each other. Mine will be 11 1/2 in early October! So glad we've been blogger friends for so long. The Packers are stinking up the field as Bill likes to say, so I'm over at my computer away from the gloom and doom. Hope the Eagles have/had a better day!


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