Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday ReView: Christmas in July- Barbie Stocking Cap DIY & Zucchini Bread Jam

Whether it's summer or winter, I always see guys wearing stocking caps... So I thought we'd make one for Christmas in July from a sock:@) This is made from the ribbed top part of the sock and you can easily get two hats from one sock. I say only two because I'm using the finished top edge as the part of hat that folds up. This is a quick project that only calls for a couple seams, and even sewing it by hand only took me about 20 minutes. It stretches on to fit just about any Barbie size or 1:6 scale action figure doll. The hat I made here used a woman's, thinner, lighter weight sock.

What I did:
Cut 2" band from the top of the sock.

Then cut it in half vertically, you'll have two hats.

Turn fabric so the right sides are touching. Making sure the finished edge (what would be the elastic top of the sock) is even, sew straight up the vertical cut edges. Hand sew or use sewing machine.
For the very top (the cut edge), it will be sewn into an X or + shape (however you choose to look at it).
If you scrunch the circle between your thumbs and index fingers, you can create this shape. 
Reinforce the center with a few stitches and tie into a knot.
Gently turn right side out, put on doll's head with the seam in back and turn bottom up.

Wa-la, one very cool doll size stocking cap😎

And since this is Christmas in July...
You can always sew or glue a pom-pom to the top if desired😉

A view of the top and back:

What to do with the rest of the sock?

~And may I suggest one of the tastiest ways to preserve the summer garden's most notorious overachiever... Zucchini Bread JamThis is a nicely spiced jam that's perfectly at home on toast or a bagel. My only recommendation, if you're making this to tuck away for gifts, the golden raisins would be prettier.
For more ideas from the blog click:

🎄No matter what you do this ~holiday~ weekend, 
I hope you make it a fun one:@)


  1. I have some zucchini in my fridge and the jam sounds like great gifts. The stocking cap is really cute and so are those watermelon Christmas trees. Fun stuff, Lynn!

  2. haha, I love the watermelon Christmas trees!


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