Saturday, May 29, 2021

Barbie's Memorial Day BBQ 2020

My Barbie crew headed outside to fire up the grill for a Memorial Day Bar-B-Que. Nothing fancy during quarantine, just immediate family, serving burgers and dogs (and Barbie size corn on the cob). But the weather was perfect so everyone was happy. Not too many neighbors drove by while the photographer was sitting in the grass in the front yard trying to get pictures... So she was happy too:@)
DIY projects:
Apron patterns  ~  Balloon from ping pong ball
Food, grill and kitchen items from assorted Mattel playsets.
(Can of Budweiser from Ma's craft stash.)

Barbie says ya gotta love a guy that cooks😉

Let's fire up the grill and have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend😎
The end.


  1. The peas and poppy seeds really dress up your coleslaw, so pretty! Barbie and Ken cooking out are adorable :) Have a great Memorial Day Lynn!

  2. I was eyeing the cole slaw mix in the grocery store yesterday---should have grabbed some as your recipe gives me an exucse to make a batch for the holiday weekend! YUM!

  3. I hope that you had a nice Memorial Day, Lynn. Ours was a very rainy one! Your cole slaw sounds easy and delish!

  4. The coleslaw sound like a great combo with the peas and the poppy seed dressing. I hope you have a happy June Lynn.


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