Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday ReView: Small Batch Strawberry/Banana Jam & Thrift Store Props for Barbie

I wanted to feature something with strawberries today and ended up doing a blog search for Small Batch Jam. Several tasty (and thrifty) options popped up, but this Strawberry/Banana Jam was what I was really looking for:@) It's a flavor combination you really don't expect in jam, and a nice way to use up an over ripe banana and couple handfuls of strawberries... This is a great jam, and one I' m sure the kids would all love!

And Barbie just wants to send a little reminder that,
1:6 scale toys and props can be found anywhere, even at the thrift store!
This scooter was only $1.
As with anything, timing is everything, but it never hurts to look:@)

Looks like this weekend will be a washout here in Philly.
But, you know what they say,
April showers...
🌼Have a great weekend everyone-enjoy:@)


  1. I love how you get creative with the Barbie stuff!!

  2. We both love homemade jam, Lynn, and yes, I think all kids would love that one. Barbie looks pretty spiffy on her new thrifted scooter.


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