Saturday, February 6, 2021

Saturday ReView: Super Bowl Weekend!!! Crabby Tots, Deviled Eggs, and Barbie's Football Party

Today I chose to revisit a couple substantial, yet easy, snacks that are well received by most... These Crabby Tots are simply tator tots liberally sprinkled with Old Bay and served with a pungent cocktail sauce. This is a great game day munchie:@)

These Football Deviled Eggs are cute, come together pretty quickly, and are a fairly healthy treat.

And I'll leave you with an invitation to Barbie's Super Bowl Party
I had a blast creating this game room for the dolls, I hope you'll stop by to see the full post:@)

Well folks, another football season is coming to an end,
this has to be one of the most highly anticipated Super Bowls I can ever remember...
Lots of story lines, history being made, and intrigue.
We here at Pig In Mud ~and~ DIY Barbie Blog wish you all a fun Super Bowl Sunday!!!


  1. Your Barbie Super Bowl scene is adorable Lynn!! Bring on the tater tots!


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