Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday ReView: Canned Peach Upside Down Cake & Capri Pants for Barbie from Headband

This Peach Upside Down Cake is a nice little treat any time of year because it uses readily available canned peaches. I also like that it makes a smaller, one layer 9" cake. This was a big hit with my crew at Sunday dinner, and I do highly recommend giving it a try folks:@) I'd love to see some red (and maybe even green) maraschino cherries added for a pop of great color too!

And this week I'm sharing some fun Capri Pants from a Dollar Tree Headband for Barbie. This is a quick little project that just looks cute on the doll:@) While it does call for some sewing, I think this is a project older girls can make for themselves. Bonus: There's a link showing how to make a long gown from the same headband, two Barbie garments for $1...

We're having our first taste of cooler weather here in Philly, and loving it!
Make something just for fun and have a great weekend:@)


  1. YUM!! Besides sounding SO delicious, this is one gorgeous dessert! Perfect for those mid-winter peach cravings....but I don't think I can wait that long!

  2. This peach cake looks so good! Thanks for the recipe to make it Lynn!

  3. The peach cake looks great, Lynn! You’re so creative with Barbie! Her capris are too cute!

  4. The cake looks so moist and delicious! Barbie is rockin' her capri outfit and I love the braid!


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