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Friday, January 1, 2016

Beating the after Christmas blahs

When I take my Christmas decorations down I like to bring out some snowmen. They're just fun to look at and there is a lot of winter left here in Philly. I've recently started a new collection and began to gather a little Eagles Army of snowmen:@) For the way we've played this year they shouldn't be smiling... Oh well, there's always next year.
 The one in the middle is the Hallmark ornament that had a red band around his hat that said 'dad'. 
I wrapped some Washi tape around the hat and added the blinged up football. 
His scarf is close to the Eagles original Kelly green so he fits right in! 

How could anyone have the winter blahs looking at this face:@)

Have a happy day!


  1. Our tree is still up, but the ornaments and light are off. I love the idea of a few snowmen around to keep the house festive! Hope you're having a relaxing New Year's Day!

  2. Haven't taken down a thing...all I seem to be doing is eating and now that I spy a loaf of bread and onion soup on your sidebar, I feel a few more pounds heading straight for my backside!

  3. Cute! I leave some winter decor after taking down Christmas also.

  4. Enjoyed you snowmen. I have a few but not as cute as yours. The best to you and family.

  5. No more free dd coffee but lots of sweet faces on your snowmen!

  6. I also keep them out for a few weeks....but by the end of January I want warmth and sunshine, so they are packed away and I dream of spring!

  7. I like snowmen for Jan too Lynn and your Eagles army is adorable! You are a loyal fan, sorry about the coach situation, hopefully they will do better next the snowman makeover with the blingy football!

  8. What a great idea to bring something out in January!
    How about if I leave it ALL out?

    I decorated simply this year, and I am enjoying it so much.

    Happy New Year,

    White Spray Paint

  9. I have left up my winter snow village. I think they will stay until Easter! Love the glow from inside the tiny houses.

  10. Baltimore play pretty lousy this season too. Your snowmen are too cute. crazy enough, besides the sunporch there is not a trace of winter in this house ~ I completely took it back to summer, I'm ready!!! : )

  11. These are the cutest! I'm always sad when the decorations are all down. This would bring such a bright spot for winter. Happy New Year!!!!!

  12. what an adorable collection....perfect to put out after Christmas to help you thru the cold wintertime. Happiest New Year.....

  13. So cute Lynn and I love your ornament make-over! I'm taking down the rest of our Christmas today, I could use a few smiling snowmen :)

  14. I need something to beat what I'm going through, Lynn. Maybe a couple of jolly snowmen would add a touch of happiness. You're so clever with using the washi tape!
    Happy 2016 to you.

  15. My snowmen are coming out too. It's just too depressing after all the Christmas thunder gets packed up. Happy 2016! Continued blessings!


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