Friday, January 15, 2016

Aglio e Olio Zoodles -N- Noodles (Garlic and Olive Oil Zucchini Noodles with Pasta)

Walmart had hand held spiral slicers for $2.88 so I finally decided to give one a try. While zucchini noodles are a great way to cut back on carbs and a fun way to add veggies to a meal I knew that I'd have to mix them with some spaghetti to be happy-and I'm glad I did:@) I chose a basic Aglio e Olio but wanted to mention that zoodles can be treated like any pasta and would be good with spaghetti sauce too.
I added the garlic to a cold pan with some olive oil and crushed red pepper, then cooked it as low and slow as I could. Some times I cook the garlic to a deep golden color, I kept this batch kinda light. My zoodles were added to the pan and simply warmed through, I wanted them to still have some bite. If you want them softer you can add them to the pasta pot when it only has about a minute left to cook.

 This inexpensive spiralizer worked fine for a nice soft veggie like zucchini.

Aglio e Olio Zoodles -N- Noodles for One
2 tsp olive oil
shake of crushed red pepper flakes
3 small/medium cloves garlic, sliced-I had a cold and went heavy on the garlic:@)
handful of zucchini noodles
S&P to taste
handful of spaghetti, cooked and drained
~Gently cook the garlic and crushed pepper in olive oil until it gets translucent and very fragrant.
~Add zucchini noodles and a hearty pinch of salt and pepper. Cook until zoodles are heated through.
~Add spaghetti and heat through.

Possible Additions:
lemon zest
Parmesan cheese
pickled peppers
fresh spinach

Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. Lynn, I think I would enjoy zoodles more if they were tossed in a pan with noodles and olive oil & garlic! Have fun spiralizing :)

  2. I don't know about vegetables replacing pasta but I'd like playing around with spiralizing the vegetables before sautéing.


  3. good idea to add some spaghetti Lynn! My spiralizer has been gathering dust, it's time for some zoodles! Happy weekend!

  4. This does look good! Maybe the grands would enjoy them also!

  5. I've tried to resist the temptation to buy a spiralizer but the best use would be for zucchini and if the 2.99 gadget works, maybe I'll budge. Looks delicious and I'll take the addition of regular pasta too!

  6. That's so funny that you got one, as I saw one the other day on sale at Walgreens, but not as cheap as what you found at Wally World. I keep debating on whether I'd use it or not, but a small one, I wouldn't feel so bad about buying. Since I get zucchini a lot in the summer from my friends, I think it'd be fun. I like how you still mixed the zucchini with pasta!
    Happy Weekend, Lynn!

  7. Beautiful color. I tried one of the inexpensive spiralizers and thought it just worked okay. HUbby got me a "better" one for Christmas. Haven't tried it out but this looks like a great recipe to try! Happy weekend!

  8. I have been wondering if these gadgets work well - and it certainly looks like it does - I might pick one up and try your recipe - looks delicious!

  9. I own TWO and have only used one of them. This looks like a terrific, flavorful recipe. Wish Bill would eat zucchini---but maybe he'll give it a try mixed with pasta :)

  10. It looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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