Thursday, September 25, 2014

NFL Female Logo Boots

I wanted to share these NFL Fashionista Faux Fur Lined Pull On Boots for my Personal PIGskin Challenge this week! You'll notice I'm showcasing other teams and not just the Eagles... I think I heard somewhere it gets cold in New England too:@) These fun boots are from HSN, a good number of teams are represented and they come in women's sizes from 6 to 11.
Christmas is coming folks... I'm just sayin'.

Have a happy day... and Go Team:@)


  1. Wow, those babies would really keep you warm.

  2. They are super cool!!!! Just yesterday I was thinking... How can I make more money staying home? I scan through etsy and see so many beautiful things and then I start thinking, crap .. I have nothing. And then.. I thought, RAVENS ~ People in this town will buy anything with Raven's on it. : ) I need to get busy.
    Happy Thursday.

  3. I hope your sons are seeing this and maybe you'll get your own pair of super warm Eagles boots.

  4. Will wearing these bring the Packers some good luck? They need all the help they can get. If the Bears beat them this weekend, I will have a very grumpy family. Bill even had a nightmare about that last night...I think maybe he needs to chill out a wee bit. LOL.

  5. Nothing warmer than toasty ugg boots.

  6. So cute. We definitely don't get cold enough here for those to be a practical buy, but I guess when you're wearing logo clothes, you are not worried about practical anyway. LOL

  7. They look very warm and comfy. Maybe Santa will bring them if you are very good ;o)

  8. Those would keep your piggies toasty Lynn :)

  9. If they made those for the Husker state they would sell out!


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