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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quick Pickled Green Bean Salad

Canned string beans make a great Quick Pickled Green Bean Salad! This is a nice light side dish for summer and my son is always looking for something pickled with Sunday dinner...
Doesn't hurt that it costs about 50¢ either:@)

Quick Pickled Green Bean Salad
14.5 oz can of green beans, drained
Onion, thinly sliced, maybe 1 Tblsp
1/4 C cider vinegar
1 Tblsp sugar-we like a little pucker to our pickles... add more to taste
Few grinds of black pepper
Barely a dusting of garlic powder-so little I'm not even sure why I use it, but I do
Salt if desired-I don't add it
  • Gently mix everything and let marinate for a few hours stirring occasionally. I make it in a Lock-N-Lock bowl and just turn it upside down each time I pass it. I'm sure the Food Police wouldn't approve but it sits out on the counter until dinner time. Yep, I am a kitchen rebel:@)
Eat well and Have a Happy Day!

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  1. I've tried something similar, and this looks better!



  2. Hi,
    Our family has enjoyed this summer salad for years. I also add rinsed kidney beans and garbanzo beans. I love your recipes and love visiting your blog.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  3. If you pickle it, I will eat it!!


  4. I love cold salads year round in Florida!

  5. I crave this type of thing..I think I'll try it using canned Italian green beans, my favorite. xo

  6. I agree with your son- Sunday dinners are improved with the addition of pickles. These sound good! :)

  7. Sounds delicious and super-easy! No food police would be checking here!

  8. I have made a version of this salad for years and it is always one of my favorites.

  9. Your bean salad looks fantastic, Lynn. Reminds me of the old "Three Bean Salad."

  10. My my looooong life, you would think that I had heard of EVERYthing but....never heard of pickled green beans. :))

  11. Hi Lynn,
    I think, I have tried something similar and liked it very much. especially in the hot month it is a nice sidedish for grilled meat.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. We're visiting my parents tomorrow...and this looks like a dish my dad would go nuts for! He thanks you in advance :)

  13. We love pickled dishes, Lynn. I love that you're a kitchen rebel!! Woo hoo!!

  14. Lynn, My grandmother always made pickled green beans, so this reminds me of her :)

  15. I'm a fan of these sour'ish bean salads...must be the PA Dutch in me! Thanks for the recipe idea!

  16. Lynn, I can't wait to try making some of these. Poor DH has to limit his salt intake so he can't have the regular pickles that he loves so much. This might be a way for him to enjoy that sour-pickled-pucker flavor that he craves.
    Thanks SO much for sharing this with us.


  17. A spray of fresh dill makes this BETTER!!

  18. A spray of fresh dill makes this BETTER!!


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