Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday Snippits: Slow Cooker Holiday Creamy Mixed Vegetable Casserole & At the stores...

Looking for something that's a little different than green bean casserole, and also has the added bonus of freeing up oven space, or can easily be taken as your contribution to dinner? This Holiday Creamy Mixed Vegetable Casserole is a very flavorful slow cooker side dish with a hint of thyme. Perfect for serving buffet style from the Crock Pot so it will still be warm as folks go back for seconds:@) Tip: Dollar Tree sells 3 oz packs of French fried onions at the holidays. A good size for recipes and to ensure they are always fresh when needed. 

I love-love-love these M&M Cookie Stadium Kits at Walmart!
And while it may take a few extra packs... 
I'd have to fill the stands in team colored M&M's:@)
This would be a fun Christmas gift.
It's a kid friendly activity and there will still be lots of football after the holidays.

I'll show you how to turn 2021 Christmas ornaments into doll clothes on DIY Barbie Blog.
The dolls like getting into the holiday spirit too:@)

And finally, I say it all the time folks,
You know your crowd...
I'm guessing if you're headed to Thanksgiving dinner and the host has the turkey in the smoker,
or plans to deep fry it...
Or the after dinner, late football game snack is wings...
This just ~might~ be a welcome hostess gift:@)

Yes folks, that's a half gallon of hot sauce at Walmart!

Buy it when you see it and have a great weekend:@)


  1. I have made something similar in the slow cooker and it works great! That cookie stadium is super cute! I just bought cute gingerbread kits for the kids for our annual Christmas gingerbread house building. The Barbie Christmas sweaters are super cute! Happy Weekend!

  2. Ooh, the veggie casserole sounds great! Any excuse to use those Durkee's onions is fine by me. I definitely need to make those stadium cookies and fill them with green and gold M & M's. Hope you're having a nice weekend----it's sleeting here, ugh.

  3. The slow cooker veggies is a great idea. Thanks for the tip on buying small packages of the onions at Dollar Tree. The gingerbread stadium is a cute idea, and so are the Barbie outfits.


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