Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas Deviled Eggs -Green and Red Sugar Dusted

These Red and Green Colored Sugar Sprinkled Deviled Eggs for Christmas couldn't be easier and turned out kinda cute! The key is to make sure you only add the sugar to the yolk mixture, it melts and runs on the whites (I believe our friends down south would call that a hot mess:@)... I suggest either using a small 1/8 measuring spoon or turning the egg sideways to sprinkle it on the very top. And while the sugar will stay nice for quite a while, adding the colored sugar shortly before serving makes for the prettiest presentation.

Simply use your favorite deviled egg recipe and give it a bit of holiday flare...

Other Christmas deviled egg ideas:

Happy Holiday Planning Everyone:@)


  1. The deviled eggs look so festive in their Christmas-y colors, Lynn. I would like the touch of sugar.

  2. Any of these would make Bill very happy! Have a great weekend, Lynn!!

  3. You're the Queen of deviled eggs festive!


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