Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Snippets

I see Pepperidge Farms is on the Pumpkin Palooza bandwagon! The bread has been out before, but they have a new Pumpkin Spice Milano Cookie, we love Milano's so I asked Ma over for coffee and a taste test... Oh yea, that was a good idea:@)

I tossed a pack of 20¢ string bean seeds into the planter a month or so ago and am pleased to report I've gathered enough for three meals. The short plants to the left were radishes, they weren't happy so this morning I pulled everything out and planted one last pack of beans. They're supposed to mature in 40 days, we'll see if I get lucky:@) This 18" planter has really produced this year folks, so even if you don't want (or don't have the space for) a big garden, you can have a season's worth of fun from one large planter!

While Ma was here I brought out some of my new ornaments to show her and that led to bringing out some more... And it's a cool gray/rainy day here... So I may have gotten started on the Halloween tree... After all, a girl has to stay out of trouble some how:@)

Hope you're having a great weekend too!


  1. wow! i love fresh string beans (have some in the fridge - store bought, of course). you might just push me into trying a container garden, again. i've never gotten used to texas growing seasons and failed miserably the first few years i tried, here. those cookies sound yummy with coffee! can i come over, too! :)

  2. The Halloween decorations look like fun! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  3. I have had so much luck with container gardening this year! I find the bigger the container the better the luck I have. Great looking bean plant!

  4. I've not seen either one of those treats, Lynn...thanks for telling us about them. They sound perfect for this chilly, grey day here. I think we have the same weather.

  5. Your Garden planter looks great! and I love the Pepperidge Farms treats! Thanks for telling us about those. =)

  6. Hi Lynn, I found those cookies last week and the bag is now empty! I love pumpkin season! Linda

  7. Oh...I have to look for those cookies (like I need them!). My sister Leslie worked for Pepperidge Farm for 25 years before she passed away...from the factory to the office. They had a small shop near the cafeteria where they sold products for pennies. Cartons and packages could not be dented or smashed even in the least bit when they left the factory so she was able to bring home tons of goodies for almost nothing. We froze everything. My favorite is still the apple and cherry turnovers! :)

    I'm going to give some beans a whirl in my big pot, too!

    Jane xx

  8. ummm...those cookies sound sooo good.
    It's so great that you have your mama close...and I am thinking of getting a little white tree, purple lights and Halloween ornies this year.
    Your tree is always so cute. I bought a tiny turquoise Christmas tree last year and LOVE it.

  9. The cookies sound delicious! Halloween isn't celebrated here much, that's such a pity! Great to have fresh beans you have grown yourself :-).

  10. String beans forever remind me of my grandmother.

    I admire your energy and creativity, my friend!


    Sheila :-)

  11. You are such a tease, bring on the Halloween tree! I just might nibble a pumpkin spice Milano while I'm waiting...

  12. I spied some Halloween Shiny Brites at HomeGoods yesterday and thought of you and your tree Lynn! Sounds like a great project for a rainy weekend along with some seasonal pumpkin treats :)

  13. Sounds like you and Ma had a fun day of taste testing and working on your Halloween tree. I love seasonal foods, too, and the cookies and bread sound perfect. That bread would've been good for my stuffed French toast.
    How great about your beans, too, Lynn. Those clay pots sure have been work horses for you.
    I really must try that next year.

  14. Wow those beans really earned their keep. Great deal. Now I have to go find those pumpkin cookies and I know here in Canada I likely won't see them anywhere.
    I can just see the look on the customs agent's face when I say I am crossing the border for cookies.


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