Monday, April 11, 2011

Peony Advice?

Hey everyone! Spring has sprung here in Philly! The temps bounced up to 82 on Monday and are expected to plunge to the low 50's on Wednesday! Stay tuned...

The most important peony in my yard is the weakest, can you help?
Ma gave me this division from her plant and I believe this will be the third season. It was originally from my
G-Mom-B's yard and it's very important to me that it be healthy and happy!
Obviously it is not. 
While all of the other peonies have sturdy 1/4 to 1/2 inch stems, 
this one is only about 2 millimeters. 
It hasn't bloomed and simply died back with the awful hot/no rain summer we had last year.
I don't know it's name but the flowers are a very pale pink that fade to a creamy white. 

My questions to you: 
Do you think I planted it too deep?
This is against the back of the house and does get full southern exposure sun, maybe it needs more shade?
Maybe it just requires more time to get established and this Philly girl needs to relax a little?
Any other thoughts?
Thanks and have a happy day:@)

I'm joining:
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday - third generation family transplant
Fertilizer Friday - it's not blooming but it's up and I haven't participated in FF since July!


  1. Wish I could help because I love peonies. I have heard that they do not like to be transplanted. I hope you get the help you need.


  2. I am eager to see your answers! I had the same problem years ago. Sorry to say I finally got rid of the plants.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. No answer for you, but I know when I bought the two peonies that I have that the first year was a dud with maybe only one or two flowers, the second year was better and I am expecting a huge showing this year. Maybe your start from G-Mom-B wasn't large enough to make a good showing yet?

  4. My grandmother's house in Iowa when I grew up had a line of peony bushes along the north side of the house. They bloomed every year. When we lived in Maryland a neighbor had peony bushes on the west side of their house.... they did well also, so I really don't know if the location you planted them in has anything to do with their health.


  5. I'm sorry I don't have an answer either. Texas is TOO hot for peonies. I've been seeing a lot of peonies in the blogs this year. Sure makes me wish they would make a drought hardy, sun blazin' lovin peonie for me. The rest of your garden looks like you really know what you are doing, so I bet if you just hang in there and give it some TLC it will be beautiful! Happy Spring Ya'll!

  6. I don't have the answer for you. We have a couple bushes, they are right against the back of our house. They get full sun half the day, shade the rest. I hope you get the answer you need.

  7. I got nothing sorry! Now if you wanted to kill it, I could be all kinds of help. I am very good at that. Maybe a fertilizer just for peonies? I wouldn't take my advice though. Good luck with them!

  8. I grow lots of different peonies and transplant them all the time, as long as you dig them up when they are really small or in the fall. Mine are just starting to pop up, so I need to get them done. They won't bloom as well this year, when I dig them up though. I only dig up part of the plant, so the part that is still left will bloom nicely.
    They definitely need to be planted just below the soil an inch or so; they won't bloom well if planted too deep.

  9. Lynn--I can't believe I was just looking up peonies on Martha Stewart's site. My newer ones have not bloomed yet, or those that did were very weak too. According to what I read there, you must divide in a certain way. Even when you get it right, it takes 3 to 4 years before the root system is developed enough to sustain the first blooms! After that I think they just get better. She also says to divide every 10 years or sooner. Good luck! Linda

  10. Too hot to grow peonies here in TX. Sure wish we could. They are a favorite flower. I just read Carolyn's post about her peonies, but she lives on Prince Edward Island. Perhaps she would have some advice though. ~ Sarah

  11. Cannot grow them in the deep South but never plant too deep. ♥O

  12. I am no authority on taking care of plants. I really work at trying to keep mine alive. Wish I could help you out on your problem.

  13. I definitely would say it needs more shade. They are really not a full sun plant. I believe they need partial sun only to shade.

    I went through the same thing...yep..filtered light I would say.

  14. That plant needs a few more years to get established...hang in there!!!

  15. Your climate is so different from mine. Sorry I am no help. Good luck though!!!

  16. Hi - we've purchased peonies from a company called Peonies Envy (LOL) in New England. They have a website and I bet they could help you out. I've just recently learned that peonies don't like full sun, now, I'm not sure if that refers to peony trees or peony bushes, or both! Good luck, peonies are so so pretty! Ciao, bella!

  17. I don't know, Lynn but it looks pretty healthy to me, just young. I planted 3 peopnies by our fence and 2 of them started blooming. I love them!...Christine

  18. No good advice from this black thumb! I do love peonies and I am sure you will be posting a gorgeous photo later this season.

  19. Tootsie should be able to help you. She is so good at all this.
    I, on the other hand, have not a clue..I am so not a good gardener.
    Have you googled it?

  20. I transplanted one from my Mom's yard and it has been doing well every year. I don't give them that much attention and they do just fine. I don't know what the answer is. Wish I could be more helpful.

    Susan and Bentley

  21. I have mine on the west side of the house were they are shaded all mornin' and in the afternoon sun. Your soil looks a little depleted from the picture. You might try amending the soil around the plant with some good rich dirt. I'm no expert but it looks a wee malnourished to me.

    It probably wouldn't do much to it this year but should have an affect by next spring.

    Good luck and God bless ya sweetie!

  22. Sorry- no help here. I love peonies though, and hope you find an answer!

  23. Our peonies are in a slightly shady area and they do quite well every year...maybe it needs to be moved to a spot with shadier, sandier soil?

  24. Wish I could tell you what's up with the peony...I know they take several years to bloom vigorously after transplanting. I would tend to agree with Nezzy, that the soil looks like it might be lacking something. Perhaps the dirt does need to be a bit richer. But beware of mulch...You don't want to do anything that holds in too much moisture...they hate to be wet! Good luck...peonies are gorgeous, and I love their fragrance!

  25. Peonies don't like it here in the deep south. What a shame because it's one of my favorite flowers -- you lucky gal. I hope it all works out for you and your special plant!


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