Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Movie Frozen Inspired Cape for Barbie -DIY

It's a new year, my 10th year blogging-amazing, and I've decided to bring Barbie back to Pig In Mud so more folks can see the posts and will hopefully be inspired by the crafts and ideas:@)

Everywhere I look this holiday season and winter I see toys and gifts inspired by the movie Frozen II... Here's a quick easy craft to make a pretty cape so even Barbie can get in on the fun! And it would fit the actual (12"-ish) dolls they sell from the Frozen series at stores too. Embellishing any outfit is a big part of the fun, little snowflake sequins or buttons add to the look, and shiny ribbon and glitter always make things special.

I do see that in the movie the light blue outfit has a whispy mesh type cape and the purple one is more solid... 
But, I found this light colored piece of felt at Walmart and decided it would work just fine:@)

My snowflakes are from my craft stash.
I saw some fun shiny plastic snowflakes that could be glued on at Dollar Tree.
The blue snowflake dress was actually on a Dollar Tree doll too.

I roughly started with my no-sew felt cape tutorial from Halloween HERE but added a feminine twist.
Wrap shorter side of felt over the doll's shoulders,
fold 'collar' down about 1/2".

You'll see that if you fold the corners down in front of the doll,
they make two straight lines and fit together nicely (see pic below).
I cut a small hole on each side below her neck, then fed a 20" piece of ribbon through the holes.

Wrap cape around doll, glue two flaps in front down (I used hot glue).
Glue on snowflakes and embellishments.
Snug up ribbon and tie cape so it stays on the doll.
I left Ken's cape rectangular, but rounded the bottom of Barbie's cape.
I think you'll get a good idea of how to make this between the pictures here, and those from Halloween.

I happened to have one thrift store blonde doll that came with a big braid,
so that worked out well too😉

Make something just for fun and have a happy day:@)


  1. This is adorable, I've got to make this for CC! I love your idea about highlighting a Barbie post on Wednesday!

  2. Perfect! Hoping one day I have a granddaughter and we'll get out all of Katie's old Barbie dolls!

  3. I love this cute frozen cape you made. You are so creative and it's just perfect for the Barbie doll.

  4. That cake is so cute, Lynn! I’m thinking Harper would love that for her Barbie.


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