Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Etsy Custom Printed Barbie T-Shirts & Barbie for President???

I'm sure we've all thought (at some point in time) it would be fun to have a Barbie t-shirt with a custom saying on it... Well, I know I have:@) After looking for a while, I found a great shop on Etsy! Kosmo Kouture offers t-shirts for standard Barbie, Curvy Barbie, and Ken dolls with many font variations and color choices for the words. And talk about affordable-only $7 with free shipping! This is so cool folks, think about it... If it fits on a Barbie shirt, he can print it. Ack!!! And Brandon is a very responsive shop owner that wants all customers to be happy. 

If you're looking for something unique as a birthday or holiday gift,
maybe commemorating a special moment, cause, fund raiser, or memory...

Thank you Brandon, 
Barbie is telling everyone she loves her new shirt!!!
And she may need 100 more for volunteers...

 As for reviving the B-Party and Barbie running for president in 2024...
We'll see😎
*Kosmo Kouture kindly provided the t-shirt for review, 
all opinions are my own.

~Let's support small business and have a happy day!


  1. Interesting...I almost never look at new items on etsy---sorta always at vintage. This is a great site for just what you said, custom. And, I will heart it and keep it in mind! Great post!

  2. Great review! I'll check this Etsy store out! Also, Barbie has my vote! ;D

  3. How adorable! I check out this shop. Sweet hugs! Let's keep playing with our dolls!

  4. Barbie has my vote, too! Thanks for the review, Lynn. This would be so cute for special gifts. I love this!


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