Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter Wonderland Tiered Tray Centerpiece 2018

I've set up a little Winter Wonderland Scene on the Tiered Tray Centerpiece. The snowmen are right at home in the frigid temperatures and snow we've had since Christmas. At least something is... As mentioned before, while I enjoy decorating this centerpiece I like to keep it somewhat functional by housing some items we use daily at the table.

New this year: Ma gave me two really cool metal deer candle holders, 
she was hoping they'd fit on the tiered tray and I'm glad to report that they do:@) 

I found the cute snowman on the left at the thrift store, he is half of a S&P set from Publix Markets.
Mrs. Frosty probably headed south for warmer temperatures:@)
The mirrored sled was an ornament at Walmart this year and the glittered color changing tree was from Dollar Tree.

 Yep, I still have candy out...
Guess I didn't get that 'go on diet' New Year's note to self:@)

Have a happy day:@)


  1. I love your tiered tray and I'll bet it's so pretty when you light it up. It'll be fun to keep your eye open for seasonal items for you tray!

  2. I think you are having so much fun with that tiered tray that I want one! Love the snowman shaker (I have both Mr and Mrs). Hugs!

  3. Happy New Year, Lynn! I've been MIA of late, but wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy 2018! Hope all is well. Love the cute snowmen on your tiered tray. My snowmen stay out to play the month of January.

  4. Love the deer candle holder! Everything looks so cute! I saw the Snowmen s&ps at Publix and was tempted!

  5. It's really perfect for displaying those special things. I need something like that for my table. I like to be able to clean around and under everything! Hugs!

  6. Your tiered tray is so cute. I never go for dieting and forgetting the candy, either, Lynn. I had a piece of Russell Stover tonight...ha ha!


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