Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Went Junkin' -New (to me) Spritz Cookie Discs and My Best Spritz Baking Tips

It's true folks, I do really enjoy making spritz cookies. So I'm always on the lookout for different cookie presses and ~new to me~ shaped discs. This old Ateco aluminum press was $3 at the thrift store, it gives me five new cookie shapes and a pasta disc! Lovin' that clover:@) While I'm not sure I'll actually use this plunger press for cookies (although I am going to try it), the discs do fit my Kuhn Rikon press.

Tip one: If your old cookie press ever stops working or breaks, always save your discs,
they may fit your new press.

Tip two: A perfect spritz dough will be the consistency of play dough. Pliable and soft, yet solid and moldable.

Tip Three: If you want some fun seasonal color but don't want sprinkles bouncing all over the kitchen... 
Try stirring the sprinkles into your dough.

Tip Four: Not all candy sprinkles can be baked... 
This is a "let's all learn from Lynn's mistake" tip:@)

Tip Five: If for some reason the stars don't align and your cookies just won't stick to the baking sheet,
(and yes, we've all been there:@)
Don't toss that dough! Save the batch, and your sanity...
Scoop the dough into a disposable icing bag and free-form cookies onto the baking sheets.

Tip six: It's better to spend an extra 15 minutes baking a small three cookie test batch than waste a whole sheet of cookies... 
This helps make sure your oven temperature is correct and lets you know if you need to chill the formed dough before baking.

Tip seven: Store the cookie press where you can easily get to it folks, 
spritz aren't just for Christmas any more!

And My Best Spritz Tip: Spritz were always my go-to if I needed a quick treat to send to school when the boys were little. Not to mention, in my family they are ~the~ Christmas cookie. Then a few years ago they started melting and spreading out on the baking sheets, not holding their shape at all. I couldn't figure out why and tried every single suggestion I could find with no luck-and lots of frustration. Then it dawned on me, I had been buying unbleached flour for my Artisan Bread. Decided to pick up bleached A/P flour again and things have been fine since! That one small change made all the difference.

Happy holiday baking everyone:@)


  1. Lynn, you are the master! Thanks for all the tips and please pass the cookies :-)

  2. I finally broke down and bought myself the OXO Cookie press. I will be asking for the different holiday discs for Christmas, My daughter bought me a old press at a flea market. Only to find out it was missing a piece, but i saved the old discs and they fit my new press. Thanks for your tips. I am also a spritz cookie baker. Sandy

  3. I think I would love to make Spritz cookies again. I'll keep my eyes open for a press!

  4. I have never used a cookie press, I can't even ice properly with a pastry bag so I'd probably be terrible at it 😂 But lots of great tips here, thanks Lynn! I look forward to your creations!

    1. They have them with a triger that automatically measures the correct amount of dough when you press it so go ahead and spritz away. They’re very forgiving. You can under or over press a little and the cookies will still come out pretty good. They are easier than rolling and cutting out cookies and go much faster too.

  5. Oh thank you for the tips!!! I recently found a Pampered Chef cookie press at a local thrift store but haven't tried it out yet. Your pictures were so pretty; sorry about the melty spiders. ha!

  6. Congrats on your find. I’ve never seen a pasta disc and there are a few there I haven’t seen.

    I like spritz. I’ve had my press (Mirro I think) for about 40 years. It has a twist plunger rather than a trigger. A few years ago I splurged and bought a used one on eBay that had more disc designs but still not some of those that you have.

    I have a pasta attachment for my mixer so having a pasta disc isn’t a big deal. I do like some of your discs, though.

    I think my favorite is the dog one, although I use the star to make wreaths and the Christmas tree the most often.

    If I might add: Use the best quality butter you can find. European if you can find it as it has a higher fat content. I also find using a bare cookie sheet works better than parchment paper but your mileage may vary.

  7. You are the Queen of Spritz, Lynn, and always my inspiration for pressed cookie recipes. Thanks for all your tips! That was great how you figured out the bleached vs. unbleached flour issue. I do love your vintage press and disks you found. I look forward to see what cookies you share this holiday season and beyond. Happy Baking!

  8. Tip 7 is SO me! Thank goodness I have a new press that I know where to find. Thanks for all the useful tips and tricks!

  9. I have never used a cookie press Lynn, but I'm all about those cute holiday discs! That clover was worth $3 alone :) Your tips are awesome too and I'm lovin' those Christmas tree cookies. ♥

  10. That's a great find! I have never made spritz cookies but now I really want to. Your tips are great, I would have never have thought the bleached or unbleached flour would make a difference.


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