Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Halter Top for Barbie, Crochet in One Piece

This is another colorful thin yarn from the $1 bin at AC Moore and I thought it would make a great Crochet Halter Top for Barbie. The top slips on over her hips. I like that it's crocheted in one piece and the neck strap comes around to the front highlighting a cute little button (just slip it through one of the holes). Sometimes it's hard to find buttons that work with the scale of these dolls, but 1/4" or less seem to be fine.
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I love how close together the color variations on the yarn were, 2-3 stitches for Barbie clothes is great!
This is a fun little top that came together in no time, and reminds me of warmer days:@)
Note-I'm still flying by the seat of my Barbie's pants here folks: I chained 23 to start this top and winged the back (where I began decreasing). It seems to make more sense if you start with an even number of stitches so I wrote 24 below. Just keep trying it on the doll... 

Crochet Halter Top - F hook, baby weight yarn, small button
Ch 24, slip stitch to join being careful not to twist chain.
SC across (working in the round) until just under 1".
Once you get to the start (even with where the tail is of your slip knot), slip stitch 2 spaces, SC across to the point where there are 2 stitches until the tail.
Next 2 rows - Ch1, turn your work and SC across. This will begin to open up the back.
Next 3 rows - Ch1, turn, decrease once, SC across but decrease when you get to the last two stitches.
*Ch1, turn, SC next three stitches, repeat from * until the strap goes around her neck and down the other side. It needs to be long enough to fit over a button.
Cut yarn, tie off, weave in ends, sew on a cute button-done!


  1. That is just adorable and oh my goodness! It really looks like it would be hard to make since it's to tiny! Very impressive!

  2. Barbie is a fashion plate Lynn! She needs to put some clothes on, it's COLD outside :)

  3. Barbie is as fashionable as ever and looks like she's wanting to fly south and stick her pretty toes in the sand. xo

  4. The star embellishment is too sweet.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    you have always fabulous ideas. I am going to share it with friends on Google+.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Cute Barbie top! I wish It was warm enough here to be without sleeves :)

  7. I like the multi colors of the year you used, Lynn. Your Barbie's are well dressed! :)

  8. That is darling. She doesn't look like she is complaining about the itch : )

  9. This little halter top is adorable. You are doing an awesome job creating a wonderful wardrobe for Barbie.

    I like deviled eggs too and I think you have the greatest variation of eggs. I'd like to have some along with your chicken fajita soup!

  10. You are so talented, and Barbie looks so stylish!


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