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Halloween Crafts-Decorations and Ornaments from Inexpensive Items

I wanted to share a few fun and silly ideas for Inexpensively Crafting Halloween Ornaments or Decorations. Kids can get involved with these projects and they would be a fun activity for a Halloween party. Love that they all look great on my Halloween tree too:@)
Pop-Up Cuties, Zany Zombies and Beaded Suncatchers
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Start with toys from the 97¢ Halloween bin at Walmart, chenille pipe cleaners, glitter and some beads.
I felt these little pop-up toys would make great ornaments from the moment I saw them! All three have a little tinsel glitter bling and metallic pipe cleaners for hanging.   
The Mummy: Glue glitter on top of the suction cup and some ribbon glued to the underside of the suction cup looks like he's coming a bit unraveled.
The Pumpkin: I ran a loose stitch across the top edge of about 5" of ribbon, then gathered it to make the ruffle. Finished it off with some glue and glitter around the edge of the ruffle. Note: I did unscrew the bottoms from the pumpkin and bat and switched them so the colors matched.
The Bat: Glue glitter to the top of the suction cup and a couple star sequins (or buttons) hung under his wings from fishing line give him a little extra bling and the illusion of night time.
PS-These would make great mini-tassels too, idea HERE.
Updated note: You do need to use Super Glue folks, hot glue just doesn't work.

The Zombies: Now, I hate to pick favorites but these just crack me up! You may have briefly seen these little zombies made from finger puppets on my blog the other day. Well, the heads are kinda soft rubber and the hot glue didn't want to stick... So in true zombie fashion-body parts kept falling off:@) To fix that I performed a little brain surgery and poked a hole in the top of the head. Ran a string down through his head, around the bend of the pipe cleaner and then back up through the head. This worked perfectly! (I made the hole by twisting a sharp very pointed knife back and forth-please be careful. Maybe a Dremel would work too?)
Let's meet the boys:
The Halloween tinsel chenille is from the $1 bin at JoAnn Fabrics. The bumps are smaller than the standard size but still work well. I used 4 bumps for the body, the top two bumps where it bends are his torso and the open end his legs. To make the torso wider, spread the bumps (think pink ribbon shape) and glue a third one in the middle. I also bent and glued one bump around each waist.

The Suncatchers: You've probably done something very similar to this at Christmas to make snowflake ornaments. Simply cut a (non-bumpy) pipe cleaner into thirds, twist them together in the middle and push on colorful beads. Using orange, green, purple and black give these a Halloween feel. You don't need to glue something to the middle, I just happened to. A little dab of glue on the pipe cleaner before you add the last bead on each arm helps keep everything in place. I tied on some fishing line for hanging.

So there you have it folks, a few fun ideas to add a little silly sparkle to your Halloween!


  1. Very creative! I like the zombies the best of all. They looked like a Halloween version of the Wiggles or something.

  2. These are too cute Lynn, love that fun Halloween chenille and especially the mummy ornament! The names of your zombies crack me up :)

  3. They are all great ideas. Your Zombie family rocks. Josie would LOVE them.

  4. Is is okay to say that Zombies are adorable? The one with the "run" on his shirt is my favorite. I don't normally wish I was a kid anymore, but on days like this, I do ;)

  5. These are way too cute :-). Thanks for the marvelous ideas for Halloween. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Those are a hoot, Lynn! I ought to make the clown for Mr. Magpie because he hates them. LOL We tease him with them from time to time.

    I like the one that says, "RUN!" So fun! Makes me smile!

    Am trying to return to blogging with a broken hand. I posted and am visiting so we shall see how it goes. Was in an accident, and I did a number on myself. But it could have been so much worse. I am thankful to the Lord for my recovery so far and continued manifestation of healing. I took the brace off to type, and I am hoping the exercise of typing will bode well. :-)

    Love you,


  7. You are just having too much fun making these! LOL! Cute and the zombies are well, Zombies!

  8. What scary-silly FUN, Lynn! Where did you find the pop-ups?? My Charlie's birthday celebration is this Sunday at our house & I would LOVE to have one at each place setting. The g'kidlets would love them!

    I've never made the pretty beaded "snowflake" looking items but I think I might give them a try. You are just full of fun ideas!

  9. You're just so much fun, Lynn! I love to see all your creations that you come up with. xo

  10. Hi Lynn, I don't think "boys" ever get too old to have fun with zombies...I learned more than I ever thought I needed to know about them this summer! These ornaments would be a huge hit here! Linda

  11. Those are just too cute and I know the kiddies would love putting those together. I didn't know Wal Mart had a section like that. I knew Target did. The kiddies love getting a thing or two out of the dollar section and Grandma doesn't mind buying them when they are that reasonable, but your creativity would take the items over the top plus let them have some fun making the crazy items.

  12. Those are dariling. You have inspired me!

  13. You are totally creative and come up with the best ideas! Fun stuff!

  14. Lovin' these, Lynn...fav is the zombie.....:)


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