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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yellow Stuffer Tomatoes and the Wusthof Tomato Knife

You know you've been blogging for a while when the first thing your son says coming through the door is "I brought you something I thought might be fun for your blog"... And I must say, I agree with him! These are heirloom tomatoes called Yellow Stuffer and the idea is they grow to look more like a bell pepper than a round tomato, and they have ridges.

When you cut the top off the inside is pretty empty and the seeds all grow in a cluster attached to the top of the tomato like bell peppers do. It has bumps on the bottom to help it sit upright when stuffed.

I wanted to show you the tidy group of seeds which pretty much came out by cutting a couple membranes. They have the nice mild flavor that most yellow tomatoes have. If you like stuffed tomatoes filled with cold salads or baked, you might want to consider planting some of these tomatoes next spring.

Last year on Black Friday I had some fun doing a little cyber Christmas shopping... Most of it was for me:@) Was that wrong??? This Wusthof Tomato Knife caught my eye at Cutlery and More and it was on sale for $20 with free shipping! It's super sharp, 5" long and works very well with tomatoes, I love the serving fork at the end too. I'd call this a fun novelty gift for the foodie person that has everything or is hard to buy for-but loves tomatoes and a good knife!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. Interesting. I have never seen tomatoes look like peppers before.

  2. I have never seen that variety tomato Lynn, how cool is that?! So fun that your son brought that to you and supports the cause. My MIL is always looking out for me, saving me newspaper articles with recipes :)

  3. Almost looks like a yellow pepper when you take the insides out. I have never spent that much for a knife. So, as you can guess I have crapolla knives only.

  4. What cool tomatoes. I've never seen them, but I'm making a note for next year. As far as the knife is concerned, it sounds terrific gift for a tomato-loving fool such as I.

  5. I've not seen those tomatoes either. I don't know how one can do without a tomato knife!!


  6. Now those are some cool tomatoes! I do like stuffed tomatoes (since I'm staying away from bread) so I will have to remember these whenever I'm finally home and can plant a garden again.

    I have a knife just like that but I don't think it's a Wusthoff. I've had it a long time and it still cuts through tomatoes like buttah!

  7. those tomatoes impersonating peppers are cool! (and i giggled at your son).

  8. What a fun share. Tell your son thanks from me. I've learned something new this morning! Loving the knife too...

  9. I have not seen these tomatoes and they are great for stuffing. You know I do not care for peppers so they make me happy. I love the knife and what a good price. I am a nut for knives and have too many.

  10. Well, I learned something new today! I've never seen those 'stuffers' but they sure would work great in my recipe for spinach & cheese inside them...I'll look for them next time I'm out.

    I know what you mean about a good knife for tomatoes...I have one I got at the flea market in FL & I loved it so much, I bought one for each of my brothers & sisters in town. I would actually rather have one like YOUR's, though. It has a much nicer handle!!

    My neighbor just brought over 5 long yellow HOT-HOT-HOT peppers!! I instantly thought of you, of course. DH had 1/2 of one, finely chopped with garlic, olive oil, lemon (Meyer stuff from ML) & S&P. I added the second half to his scrambled eggs this morning but he said he didn't really care for them that way.
    Sure wish I could run them over to YOUR'd know what to do with them!!!

  11. Bet they are really good stuffed with ground beef and rice, but maybe simmer them in a pepper sauce? lol xo (No, I don't think it is wrong about the shopping. ;-) )

  12. Neat tomatoes! And I had to giggle at you shopping for yourself on Black Friday...that sounds like me! PS...l have a tomato knife, too, and I use it all the time!

  13. How cute. I have never seen tomatoes like that before. And you're new knife looks awfully handy. :)

  14. ...don't think i've ever seen these....they look good.
    i have a knife almost like this one that daughter stuck in my stocking last it.

  15. Wow, those are interesting tomatoes! I'd never heard of them. Great knife too, Lynn. I know you'll enjoy using it. Have a great wknd!


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