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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome June! And Photo Fun...

Hey everyone-happy glorious first day of June! In Philly June is usually a nice month weather wise, sunny and warm with moderate humidity (fingers crossed).
So grab your favorite seat and put your feet up, it's time for my acrostic poem.
                                   June brings the summer and idle days,
                                   Under the sun everyone smiles and plays.
                                   Notice the flowers and give God praise,
                                   Enjoy it now before July's haze!

I've been having fun playing with Earl using some free photo editing sites. I'm sure everyone's familiar with, but I also found and it has some different features and everything is free.
They have stickers and frames, also some image altering effects that crack me up!
I used Earl's "I ain't afraid of no buttah" pic from the Paula cook-along...

Do I smell food???

Surf's up Dude!

And um...
While Earl might not need to be afraid of butter...
he might want to watch how much of it he's eating or the Speedo's not going to be pretty!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Happy June to you too!! You've got me snortin' like a pig from looking at those adorable pics of Earl...thanks for the giggle.

    Hope you're having a lovely week.


  2. Happy June! Gotta love that Earl...surfing on the butter! lol...hugs...Debbie

  3. Happy June! I love that last one the best.

  4. Oh, you are too funny! I want to know though, if you were close enough to get my pic of me relaxing on Momday, why didn't you stop and say "hi"? I would of gotten a seat for you to sit and chat a bit! Earl in a speedo got me giggling. Are they ever pretty?

  5. Looks like Earl has been into more than the

  6. Happy June! Can you believe how hot and humid it has been? I'm ready to go back to the cool rainy weather!
    Earl is adorable!

  7. June already! It has been hot and humid here. Earl looks cute whatever he is into! xo,

  8. Happy June, Lynn!

    Those pictures are so funny. I love playing with pictures. I use Photoscape and it is free, too. Give Earl a smooch on the snout for me.

  9. that's cute. and i love your poem!

  10. Happy June to you and Earl! Here, it's 72 degrees at 7:14 am--and hazy.

  11. Oh Earl is just basking in the June sun. What a great place to be. I think maybe you need to buy margarine, it's not as fattening.

  12. Silly Earl and sillier Lynn!! LOL cute pics....
    I saw pigs at the shop where I had my porch sale over the weekend and promptly thought of you! They are cute little suckers!
    :-) Sue

  13. I love June! It's my birthday month and it's just a pretty darn good month to enjoy outdoors before it gets too hot! Love the Earl photo session!

  14. LOL! So cute! Happy June too, Lynn!...Christine

  15. I love pigs, too! This post is so funny...glad I found you. : )


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