Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Means Canning Season!

Hi everyone! I'm joining Summer SundaysHandmade Monday, and Metamorphosis Monday, hope you'll stop over to see what everyone else is up to!

We were treated to a day in the upper 80's with low humidity on Saturday, can't get better than that in Philly in August! So I fired up the water bath and got to canning a few things.
A gentleman brought Ma peaches from his tree and she gave some (most) to me-thanks Ma! I love old "family" recipes and had a Grandmom from Georgia's recipe for spiced peaches, I've been dying to try them! I hear the flavors will blend and be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, I look forward to having them!

As berries ripen in the yard I add them to a ziplock bag in the freezer, then when I get enough I make jam. I had some strawberries, mulberries and a handful of black raspberries, so I added the left over peaches and call this "Backyard Berry Preserves".
Preserves because it's a bit chunky... yeah, just like I planned...

My last kitchen project is one of my "science experiments", they don't always work out so well:@)
These are refrigerator pickles, and if they're good I'll tell you all about them. 
If not so good... let's just forget I said anything-ok?
Have a happy day!

I was asked to share the peach recipe, glad to!
Spiced Peaches
2 Tblsp whole pickling spices
1 pint vinegar
1 pint water
3 lbs sugar (6.8 cups)
6 lbs peaches, peeled and cut in half if too big
6 whole cloves
3 sticks cinnamon
When peeling peaches immediately drop them in a solution of 1 tblsp each salt and vinegar to one gallon of water. This prevents coloring.
In large sauce pot bring vinegar, water and sugar to a boil, add spices (I used a spice ball) and boil 30 minutes, covered.
Add peaches, simmer till tender, approx 5 minutes.
Pack in sterilized jars and cover with hot liquid.
Process 20 minutes.


  1. Those Backyard Berry Preserves sound delicious! (And about those kitchen'll never know until you try! I bet those pickles are yummy too!)

  2. I love to make jam. In fact, I need to get some more peaches and make some peach jam. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Oh, I bet those pickles are going to be good!

  4. Hi, I came for the Rooster party - loved your cute kitchen roosters! and enjoyed this post as well. Your family memories brought back sweet family memories of my own - my grandparents used to can their peaches and YUUMMMM - they were so tasty for months to come - full of sugar and love! Thank you for a sweet treat :)

  5. you have certainly been busy!!! We have been blessed by all the great produce in our area this year!

  6. It was a beautiful day today! Another tomorrow they say, and then the humidity comes back!
    Your peaches look fabulous!

  7. I've never canned before and I'm sure it's hard work, but so rewarding when you open that lid. Happy PS. It's my first time and just stoppin by to say hello!

  8. Happy Sunday! What pickles? :o) La

  9. I want to try making refrigerator pickles this year so can't wait to hear. The peaches and jam look fabulous too. We had a cool spell so I baked this week. It's nice to have it cool off.

    I would love to try your spiced peaches. They are so beautiful in the jar. What gorgeous pantry shelves you are going to have.

  10. Yum! I love spiced peaches! And I have made those refigerator pickles before and I think you will love them! Have a wonderful week!...hugs...Debbie

  11. I really enjoy canning too! The preserves look and sound yummy. I used to make all our jellies, but no one but me eats it anymore, so then I just started making Corn Cob jelly, which I love, and maybe will post about someday.
    Now it's just basically tomatoes....

  12. Everything looks so amazingly fresh and delicious, you are so inspiring me! I love making refrigerator pickles and canning jams.

  13. I love the looks of canned things on the cupboard shelves. I wish I knew how!!

  14. Oh hey, my whole childhood was based on my mother canning fruits and I kind of miss that since I am waaaaayyyyy to lazy to attempt it. I can't wait to find out if the pickles worked! Happy Sunday to you!

  15. I have canned a thing
    I think I'd love to try if they would look as good as yours

  16. oh man... YUM! I would love to be able to can my own food. They look fab.
    Happy Sunday

  17. Hi Lynn! Oh, I love those canned peaches. They turned out so pretty and I'm sure they're going to be delicious! I can't find any good tasting peaches anymore from the grocery stores. Don't know anyone who has a peach tree.
    I love pickles too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Ohhh Peaches. We love them too and Mom and I did a few jars this week along with pickled red beets. It was a busy week.
    I want to do another basket of peaches and I Brandy some of them. All I do is add a glug of brandy to each jar and a half of a cinnamon stick.
    I would love to know how you do your spiced peaches. Will you share?
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  19. You sound like me! I've been canning lately too. I just love it and can't seem to get enough of it. I want to find some good peaches to can. So far they have not been that great here.


  20. I LOVE refrigerator pickles...learned from my grandpa. Thanks for stopping by my baseball room :) and leaving sweet comments. Bev

  21. Thank you for this old fashioned recipe...I will try it this week. It seems like it would be perfect for the autumn.

  22. I have never canned a thing, but I have watched my husband's sisters do it and I love when they give us some of their stuff.

  23. There is really something about stocking up on the fruits and veggies of the summer and then enjoying them in the dead of winter. I regret, when I had a glut of blueberries that I didn't make some jam. Hopefully, I will make some peach jam. Your canning looks wonderful and I love to look at them when they are on the shelf! Joni

  24. Looks good! I don't can, have never tried it...neither did my mom. I do freeze and after a trip to the orchard yesterday, there will be frozen peaches in my future tomorrow!

  25. So domestic of you! I have actually canned peaches in a former life! Ha! My mom was born in Plymouth. Glad you got some weather you like! Jacqueline

  26. My mom always makes spiced peaches and we have them for Christmas dinner. They are so delicious. Hope you enjoy them and your preserves. You should enter them in your county fair! I'm going to do that in a few weeks.

  27. Yummy! I need to learn how to can. Your peaches look delicious!

  28. Oooh! This looks good! I have some peaches I just looked up the recipe today from Paula Deen to make peach cobbler because I need to peel them quick. I will have to keep this in mind if I get some more and some pickling jars too! Thanks!

  29. You canned goodies look so great! My mom does a lot of canning, but I never learned to. Maybe it's time to learn it ;-)
    Thanks for joining me for HM ;-)

  30. Your peaches would make for a beautiful fall cobbler! Crossing my fingers for you and the pickles, good luck!

    Getting into truffle


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