Bloggy Tips

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a few things that might answer questions or help make our blogs more reader friendly. If I see a tip another blogger has listed I'll add it with a link to their blog. I'll add to this as things come up, just this reporter's opinion and in no particular order...

Please disable word verification. It's a leftover dinosaur from Blogger's early days. We visit many blogs and this just adds time and frustration (and carpel tunnel). In Blogger simply: click "settings", then "comments", scroll down to "show word verification for comments" - click "no", then click "save settings". I disabled it two years ago and have never had a problem.

To make sure I don't accidentally publish a post early, I go to "post options" and immediately schedule the post for a month down the road. That way, if my fingers get too fast... the post doesn't go "live", just scheduled for some time in the future. When I'm truly ready to publish it, I just go back to post options and click "automatic".

Are you a "NO-REPLY" blogger? Bet you don't even know! I receive all comments into my e-mail, it's actually an easier way for me to manage my blog and not miss comments on older posts. If you ask me a question I can then hit "reply" in e-mail and answer it... unless you are a "no-reply" blogger. What you need to do is, under "edit user profile" make sure you click "show my e-mail address" that way folks can quickly answer you back.

We've all encountered what we call "Blogger issues". It can be anything from comments not showing up to photos not loading... The problem could be that you have not cleared your cache in a while. I suggest that you Google "clearing cache" and follow instructions. This is truly a miracle worker, it helps your computer just run better-period! I do it often, almost weekly.

Always list what the post is about in the post title. Use the name of your recipe or craft, folks searching for a Chicken Pot Pie recipe will find it better than if you list Munchies For Monday or the name of a linky party you're joining.

Please list your first name somewhere on your blog. Either sign your post with it or list it in your "about me" info. As someone that would occasionally hosts parties, it's very nice to be able to address folks that take the time to participate by name.

If you generously host a give-away please follow through and contact the winner via e-mail. Don't leave it up to the winner to contact you.

Please know that the very first graphic on your post is the "preview" folks see in reader before clicking onto your blog. This means, whatever you paste first, a "pin it" button, "follow me" button, or picture of the great cake you just spent a day making... will be what helps determine if we click to see what you posted. ALWAYS put your picture first, then any other things you want to add.

I don't run across this too often, but enough to add it, blogs are a visual medium, please add a photo. We've all heard a picture is worth a thousand words!

Food for thought from My Baking Addiction:

If you can't see all of the thumbnail pictures in a linky party, hold down Ctrl and scroll down on your mouse wheel. This will shrink the screen and allow you to see all of the links.

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